PDN Edu Interview by Stacey Goldberg

Since 2008, Visura.co has been helping photojournalists worldwide tell their stories and be seen. While the platform has evolved over the past decade to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industry, the company has been resolutely driven by its core mission to “increase the quality, value and diversity of the professional content and talent found online today.” 

Today, Visura offers its members a way to build websites, to manage and share work, news and exclusive opportunities with the media industry. The company also has a career development program with grants, scholarships, exhibitions and more to support visual storytellers. PDNedu caught up with co-founder Adriana Teresa Letorney to learn more.

El Vocero - Los niños son nuestro futuro

photos by Eric Rojas
January, 2018

Manteniendo como norte lo importante que es lograr la recuperación de la población de niños afectados por el huracán María, la organización humanitaria, Voices for Puerto Rico inició el año apoyando organizaciones locales cuyo propósito es crear y llevar teatro, música, baile y talleres a comunidades como herramientas de apoyo y sanación para los menores de edad.

British Journal of Photography - Léonard Pongo wins the 2017 Visura Grant

written by Diane Smyth
December, 2017

Pongo has won the prize for his ongoing series The Uncanny, which is shot in The Congo. Born in Belgium in 1988 to a Belgian mother and a Congolese father, Pongo started the project as an attempt to reconnect with his Congolese heritage. He first visited the country in 2011, staying with his Congolese family – most of whom he had never met before – and arriving as the DRC held its second ever democratic elections, for both Presidential and Legislative positions.

Visura.co on Glitterati Incorporated

Written by Sara Rosen
July, 2015

Founded by Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney, Visura.co is an international networking platform for the photography and media industries' key players to connect, share and network. Formerly known as fotovisura.com, Visura.co provides its members access to resources and marketing tools to to further their work, missions, and careers.

Online and on target–Interview with Adriana Teresa Letorney

Written by Evan L.

At ONWARD we are always searching for helpful resources and communities for emerging and established photographers. We had the opportunity to talk with Adriana Teresa Letorney, co-founder of Visura.co (formerly known as fotovisura). Visura, started by Adriana and Graham Letorney in 2008, provides a professional global online network for photographers, editors, publishers, and industry players to share work and forge connections. Above image by Carolina Arantes.

The San Francisco Chronicle: Visura: a labor of love

Written by Judy Walgren, former Director of the San Franscisco Chronicle
August, 2015

A year after Adriana Teresa Letorney, co-founder and creative director for Visura.co, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2007, she conceived of and began building Visura, an online magazine and networking platform for photographers to display their personal work.

The Washington Post: Stunning photography projects earn top honors from Visura

Written by Nicole Crowder
August, 2014

Visura, the groundbreaking networking platform for photography and media that was co-founded by Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney, has awarded one winner and 26 additional photographers with various levels of recognition for the 2015 FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project. The grant recognizes photographers for their images, stories and dedication, as well as “the extent that he or she is willing to go to bring about positive change in society.”

Adriana Teresa Letorney

Founder & CEO of Visura.co
Website via Visura

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