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TIP: For better or for others—Putting myself out there
adriana teresa letorney
Jul 16, 2020
Let me tell you about my experience with awards and recognitions.

For everyone who gets frustrated about not receiving an award or grant or recognition, let me tell you about my experience with awards and recognitions.

My name is Adriana Teresa Letorney. I am a Puerto Rican woman, mostly known for being the founder of Most recently, I applied to the Howard Chapnik Grant: I was not selected as a finalist and it's ok.

This is not my first year applying to this or other known grants. Does this stop me? Never. Why? Because awards do not define me nor do they define Visura- purpose does, you do. I'm sharing this with everyone who has submitted to something and not received the recognition- and as someone who gives grants too - you are not alone.

I have lived this for years now- and it has never stopped me, so I hope it doesn't stop you....because at the end of each day, what we are doing is changing lives every day.

So, keep moving forward and onward!

And to ICP - International Center of Photography - thank you so much for considering my submission once again. To the finalists and winners- congratulations!!!! If there is any way that I can support your journey- please know that I am here.

And yes - I am putting myself out there! 

Adriana Teresa Letorney

Founder & CEO of
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